RespirArt EN – 2019

RespirArt Art Park

RespirArt is one of the highest art parks in the world. It winds between altitudes of 2,000 and 2,200 metres in Pampeago di Tesero, Val di Fiemme. Born from a project by journalist and art curator Beatrice Calamari and artist Marco Nones (art prize Expo 2015 Triulza Foundation) in 2011, it accompanies the discovery of artistic installations which interact with the pastures and the Dolomite peaks of Latemar, a territory of incomparable beauty which has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the 3 km loop, between the Rifugio Monte Agnello and the Chalet Caserina, works of environmental art created by internationally renowned artists can be found, including that of esteemed Japanese artist, the late Hidetoshi Nagasawa.

The park is constantly evolving. Every year, new installations are added, while the older ones are shaped by atmospheric influences or overwhelmed by heavy snowfalls. Some installations are visible even in winter from the Latemar Ski Centre’s Agnello ski run.

respirart pampeago fiemme 30.7.2016 by predazzoblog-008


Children can play with wooden toys inspired by the art installations, such as the wireless telephone, the maze, the musical rope and the coloured windows on the Latemar. The meteorological laboratory along the Meteo.Lab path – which starts from the Agnello Refuge – also awaits them on Wednesday mornings. In the RespirArt park, concerts, shows and theatrical excursions come to life, such as the spectacular story called “Don’t call me … Krampus”, staged every Tuesday morning, or “The Wildman’s Cubs grow at the Refuge from the winds”, every Friday morning.

Pampeago opens up to a remarkable naturalistic area with thematic trails inspired by the Dolomites: the Latemarium (accessible by the Latemar chairlift). RespirArt is located in the Latemar.Art area. It can be reached quickest from Pampeago, with the Agnello chairlift, but also from Predazzo and Obereggen.



The creative idea of “surrendering” works of art to nature invites us to trust changes and therefore life itself, which is continuously transforming. The outside atmospheric influences do not ruin the works but on the contrary they complete them, shaping them and changing the colours. RespirArt invites you to RELAX IN THE CONTINUOUS TRANSFORMATION OF NATURE. Its masterpieces allow us to rediscover the sense of wonder, capturing the “new” as an ever-changing opportunity.

foto respirart 2017 predazzoblog lara e debora-240


RespirArt is supported by the Itap of Pampeago chair lift society and by the Provincia Autonoma di Trento, in collaboration with Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, Val di Fiemme Tourism Agency, Trentino Marketing and La Sportiva of Zaino. The contribution of Hotel Friends of RespirArt is fundamental: the Beauty & Vital Hotel Maria in Carano, the Olimpionico Hotel in Castello di Fiemme, the Park Hotel Azalea in Cavalese, the Hotel La Roccia in Cavalese, the Hotel Shandranj in Stava di Tesero and the Hotel Scoiattolo in Pampeago.

Collaborators: Cavalese photographer Eugenio Del Pero and mayor of Panchià Giuseppe Zorzi.

respirart 2017 predazzoblog-084

HOW TO REACH RESPIRART: From the Brennero A22 motorway, exit at “Egna-Ora” and head in the direction of Val di Fiemme. Once in Tesero, turn left for Pampeago. From the car park in Pampeago, the Agnello chairlift (open every day from 29 June to 8 September 2019) leads into the Parco d’Arte, times: 8.30-13.00 – 14.15-17.30). The chairlift is free for FiemmE-motion card holders.
To reach RespirArt on foot, park in front of the Tresca di Pampeago chairlift station and take path 514 towards Chalet Caserina.

In the Park there are two chalets where you can try typical local products: the Rifugio Monte Agnello (tel. 0462 815030) and the Chalet Caserina (mob. 342 342 9098). Those arriving by chairlift will come across the Agnello Refuge first. Those arriving on foot will come across the Chalet Caserina first.

respirart pampeago fiemme Giampaolo Osele e Maria Concetta MAttei by predazzoblog-054

RespirArt Day 2019, Maria Concetta Mattei presents 5 years of works dedicated to the first 10 years of the UNESCO Dolomites

During the summer of 2019, 5 new environmental art installations will be added to the 22 already present. They are inspired by the fir forests of the Val di Fiemme, the Latemar Dolomite group, the lichens and the scientist Déodat e Dolomieu.

Saturday, 27th of July, the RespirArt Park of Pampeago invites you to explore and discover the artworks whilst walking with the artists, students from the Warsaw and Venice Fine Arts Academies and journalist Maria Concetta Mattei.

They love nature so much that they attempt to equal its beauty. They love nature so much that they engage in an artistic dialogue with it. They love nature so intensely that they allow it to decide the duration of that which they have created. They are the internationally renowned artists and the students of the European Art Academies who, every summer, create works in the Pampeago RespirArt Park, in Val di Fiemme, among the Trentino Dolomites.

Saturday, 27th of July, at 9.30am, the travelling celebration RespirArt Day presents the 5 new works created during the 11th RespirArt environmental art event. Journalist and TG2 Storie presenter Maria Concetta Mattei, brings you RespirArt Day.

The event takes place among the flowering pastures of Pampeago, walking along a 3-kilometre loop trail which connects the Rifugio Monte Agnello, at an altitude of 2,200 m, and the Chalet Caserina, at an altitude of 2,000 m, in the presence of the Latemar Dolomites (non-slip shoes are recommended).

RespirArt Day 2019 is included in the calendar of events celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is an opportunity for participants to enjoy the feelings evoked in humans by our natural surroundings.

Meeting point is at 9.00 am in front of the Pampeago Skipass Office. The walk starts at 9.30 am from the Rifugio Monte Agnello. The event ends with an “Arteritivo” at the Chalet Caserina around 12.00. The chairlift ascent, guided tour and artistic aperitif are free but reservations must be made via SMS at +39 335 1001938 or via e-mail at (by 26th of July).

Il Giardino di Danae di Nagasawa foto di Graziano Bosin

Simulacro di Federico Seppi Foto Eugenio Del Pero RespirArt 2017

respirart pampeago fiemme 30.7.2016 by predazzoblog-076


To be admired from 27th of July 2019 

Hannah Streefkerk Respirart 2019 t



Using the traditional craft of embroidery, Swedish artist Hannah Streefkerk reproduces lichen on trees and rocks imitating their nuances to perfection. Exploring the fragility of nature, together with the bark of thorn trees, Hannah repairs holes in the leaves and creates protective shells for the stones, entrusting her creations to the erosion of time and natural processes.

Through her works, Streefkerk observes natural phenomena and with a playful touch translates them into her unmistakable artistic language. She finds inspiration in the way moss and lichen are formed on the bark and rocks.

The artist seems to say that nature, in all its facets, never ceases to amaze. Her works are metaphors for our responsibility to protect nature and reduce our impact on the environment. At the same time they push us to contemplate our habitat: to notice things and stop once in a while and take a look around. Time and the certainty that everything is temporary are both aspects of life which unite the environment and every human being. Hannah Streefkerk delicately illustrates the passing of time, growth, decay and the continuum of life.


RespirArt becomes an arts nursery with the project curated by Prof. Stanisław Brach and created by his students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Prof. Brach, born in Gorlice (Poland), is an awards-winning artist, known for his explorations of the world of bees through ceramics. At RespirArt, he works alongside his students, Artem Dmytrenko and Filip Musiał.

“Point” is an autonomous empty space. It looks like a house, a tent, a fireplace, an observatory, a shelter.

It is a firm, stable point, which stands out among the highest peaks to anchor us between Earth and sky. The conical structure is based on the energy that is in the live communication between Earth and sky. Regardless of the scale, every big stuff, like the Earth itself, is just a small point in the distance.

The work seeks to exist solely as a point, a trace left by man.

The shape of the cone is the result of a combination of the organic shape of the circle and the vertical line as a growth vector. The installation gives the impression of a stable and static shape which stands out against a rocky bottom with irregular contours.

TERRAE Giuseppe Dondi, Alberto Larcher, Roberto Rossi e Fabio Seppi RESPIRART 2019

ok DSC_3825


The Trentino artistic group creates works of environmental art using natural elements which time and weather bring back to the earth, creating an endless cycle. Giuseppe Dondi, Alberto Larcher, Roberto Rossi and Fabio Seppi bring you the installation “October 29th, 2018” to remember the storm which knocked down millions of trees in the Triveneto with winds reaching gusts of up to 200 km/h. The work narrates two forces of nature: the destructive and the creative. Indeed, a shoot emerges from the ruins, a powerful symbol of rebirth.

Look at these upside-down trees,

branches, trunks and roots in a huge tangle.

Look at these kneeling ancient plants,

with roots in the sky.

The huge tree population swept away by the fury of the wind.

The spruce remains solitary in the midst of such a storm.

It lost all of its branches, but on top

some large buds await spring.

Gruppo Terrae, January 2019 

IMG_0329 (1)

Giovanni Bailoni RESPIRART 2019


Riva del Garda artist Giovanni Bailoni dedicates a work to the geologist and mineralogist Déodat de Dolomieu (1750-1801), from whom the name Dolomia comes. It is a tribute to the first ten years of the UNESCO Dolomites. It is also a story born from the passion of a noble French scientist who would never have thought of naming nine alpine systems separated by mountains, rivers and other mountain groups.

The 142 thousand hectares which make up the UNESCO Site constitute a sort of archipelago, spread over a much larger alpine area and divided into five provinces.

Today Dolomieu is remembered in front of the Latemar massif. The monument was created using recycled materials and wood which Baioloni collected on his travels. Among these enchanted peaks, to be looked after and preserved, the artist relies on recycling which prolongs the life of the materials.

Bailoni’s works are characterised by a rust-red stain which symbolises the heart and soul, to emphasise that these artifacts have a life – despite having been created using objects which would have otherwise been thrown away. According to the artist “these materials have their own breath and an urgent need to reveal”. He gives them a voice, an echo among the Dolomites.

Da sx Marco Nones Beatrice Calamari Martina Pomari e Maria Concetta Mattei RESPIRART 2017 predazzoblog-050

Tesi Martina Pomari foto Nicole Delugan


A student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Martina Pomari di Dro wrote a thesis on land art through the portrait and narration of RespirArt’s works. On the last page she depicted ‘Mirror’, an installation made up of birch trees with a human gaze. At the end of her thesis, she wanted to draw the work of land art which she hoped to create one day. That day has now arrived. RespirArt invited her to let her imagination run free in the park.

‘Mirror,’ the emerging artist explains, ‘stems from a deep love for the mountains, a place of contemplation of nature, a mirror of each of us. The tree, although protected by its bark, is very similar and close to humans. Even the forest watches. It observes the surrounding landscape with undefined eyes, such as those outlined by birch knots. The passing of time and the seasons follow. I wanted to make these eyes similar to those of humans to encourage a process of identification: everyone can imagine looking through the eyes of the tree.’

SPETTACOLO TEATRALE punta emma Respirart

respirart pampeago fiemme 30.7.2016 by predazzoblog-026

The Latemar Theatre Season 2019

The heart of the park is the Latemar Theatre, created by Marco Nones in front of the Chalet Caserina. Surrounded rhododendron and blueberry bushes, here the public is placed on larch cubes to attend concerts and cultural events. Thursday concerts always start at 12.00. In case of bad weather they are moved to the tavern of the Sport Hotel in Pampeago, at 14.30.

  • THURSDAY 18th of JULY, 12.00: FRIDA KAHLO
    • The life of the Mexican painter told through different art forms: a monologue by actress Roberta Kerschbaumer, Angelo Giordano‘s voice and guitar and Otilia Kraciunel‘s dance.
  • THURSDAY 8th of AUGUST, 12.00: CARLOS GARDEL TRIO: Confrontation of East and West
    • The concert compares the harmonic and stylistic themes of the most popular melodies, from Eastern Europe to the Argentinian pampas.
  • THURSDAY 15th of AUGUST, 12.00: GIANLUCA CAMPI: “The Champion on the Alps… again!” 
    • Gianluca Campi is an accordion virtuoso: he manages to perform an impressive number of notes in the shortest possible time and leads a composition that keeps emotional tension high.
    • A concert with the longest running male choir in Val di Fiemme and one of the oldest in the Trentino region. Traditional folk songs dedicated to the mountains.

Info: Tel. 0462 813265,, (FB @RespirartProject).

Concerto RespirArt 2017

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