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The Art Park RespirArt

RespirArt’s one of the highest art parks of the world and is situated at 2,000-2,200 metres above the sea level in Pampeago (Tesero, Val di Fiemme). Born in 2011 by an idea of the journalist and curator Beatrice Calamari and the artist Marco Nones – awarded at 2015 Expo 2015 Triulza Foundation and Arte in Cascina -, RespirArt is a discovery of art installations in the middle of the pastures and the dolomitic peaks of Latemar, a incredibly beautiful place that Unesco declared World Heritage Site. In the 3-km loop course between Rifugio Monte Agnello and Rifugio Caserina, you will find contemporary art installations created by internationally famous artists, such as the Japanese art master Hidetoshi Nagasawa. Walking on means watching other masterpieces by artists from Trentino, Europe or from overseas countries like Olga Ziemska and Gordon Dick.

The Art Park RespirArt is continuously evolving into something new. Every year, new art installations while the old ones keep being shaped by the weather or are crushed or destroyed by heavy snowfalls.

Children have fun playing with wooden toys inspired by the art installations, like the wireless telephone, the labyrinth, the sounding rope and the painted windows overlooking Latemar. Then workshops at Monte Agnello ski chalet at Pampeago dedicated to land art, but also to meteorology (along the new Meteo.Lab path), the boiled wood fabric, the farm animals and the mountain cooking.


Some pieces of art can be seen in the wintertime, too from the ski slope Agnello at Ski Center Latemar.

In Pampeago you can find two great naturalistic areas: Latemarium – that can be reached by Latemar chairlift – with its surprising themed pathways inspired to the Dolomites, and Latemar.Art – that can be reached by foot by Agnello chairlift – with its Art Park RespirArt and all its activities in nature.

OUR PHILOSPHY: The creative mood of “letting masterpieces go” into nature is an invitation to trust the changes and to never-ending transforming life. The weather conditions do not ruin these pieces of art, but complete them, shaping them and turning their colours into some new nuances. RespirArt leads you to RELAX IN THE NONSTOP CHANGING of nature. Its masterpieces make people re-discover the sense of wonder and catch the NEW as one-off opportunity.

 OUR SUPPORTERS: RespirArt is sponsored by the ski lift company Itap of Pampeago, in cooperation with Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, Tourism Board Office Val di Fiemme and the world leader company in the production of climbing shoes, high-mountain boots and sportswear, La Sportiva of Ziano – that have recently opened a new store in Cavalese. Other supporters are the photographer of Cavalese Eugenio Del Pero and the winemaker and enologist “born underneath a Marzemino grape” Eugenio Rosi who, during the RespirArt Day, offers a tasting of his prestigious wines produced in his vineyard in Volano (Tn). The support of our art- particolarmente importante il sostegno degli Hotel amici dell’arte e di RespirArt: il Beauty & Vital Hotel Maria di Carano, il Park Hotel Azalea di Cavalese e l’Hotel Scoiattolo di Pampeago.

HOW TO REACH RESPIRART: From the motorway Brennero A 22, “Egna – Ora” exit then road to Val di Fiemme. Once arrived in Tesero, turn left to Pampeago. From the car parking at Pampeago, take Agnello chairlift to reach the Art Park (the chairlift is open every day until September 4th, 8:30-13:00, 14.00-17.30. The chairlift ticket is free for Trentino & FiemmE.motion Guest Card holders everyday, and for RespirArt Day guests on Saturday July 30th (please book calling +39 335 1001938).

To reach the Art Park by foot, park your car in front of La Tresca chairlift in Pampeago. Then take the path number 514 towards Baita Caserina.

Along the loop course there are two mountain huts, where you can taste the typical products of Fiemme: Rifugio Monte Agnello (ph. +39 0462 815030) and Baita Caserina (mob. +39 339 2109400). Who takes the chairlift will first find Rifugio Agnello. Who walks to the park, first finds Baita Caserina.


INFO RESPIRART: (Twitter @respirart1 – FB RespirArt), mob. +39 335 1001938

INFO LATEMAR PAMPEAGO: – ph. +39 0462 813265


A RespirArt Day

with Maria Concetta Mattei

On Saturday July 30th, at 9.30, touring party to stare at the masterpieces of the 8th Contemporary Art Event in Nature RespirArt 2016


In the Art Park RespirArt, during July 2016, five new art installations will join te other 11 already installed. The guest artists of 8th Contemporary Art Event in Nature RespirArt 2016 are: Dorota Koziara (Poland), Thorsten Schütt (Germany) and Luca Prosser (Volano) and Giampaolo Osele (Lavarone) from Trentino. Also a group of disabled people of Anffas Trentino Onlus, who live in Nuova Casa Serena (Cognola di Trento), will create their own masterpiece. The works of art are inaugurated by Maria Concetta Mattei, Tg2 anchor-woman and keen on art in nature, on Saturday 30th July, from 9.30 to 12.30, during the touring party called RespirArt Day. Special guests of the event Francesca Marzotto Caotorta and Silvia Conotter. Francesca Marzotto Caotorta is a famous writer and gardens and spontaneous vegetable landscape expert. She was the creatore, founder and director of “Gardenia”, the Italian garden magazine, and the organizer of Orticola, the market exhibition organized in Milan, in Indro Montanelli gardens. Silvia Conotter is the journalist who founded the website “Il Trentino dei Bambini”, which then gave life to a TV program and a guidebook. She will tell the emotions that children live among the art installations in nature at Latemar.

The Art event RespirArt is a guided walk in the park with the artists watching the new installations. It starts at 9.30 outside Rifugio Agnello and finishes at about 12.00 with an Eugenio Rosi wine tasting.


The Polish artist Dorota Koziara is a famous designer, artist, interior architect and exhibition curator. For the eighth RespirArt edition, she has created a heart rending masterpiece called “Harmonia”. The installation is made of wood and hemp and represents two bodies hunched forwards to listen to the energy that they can grasp from the Dolomites.

Koziara has worked with the architect Alessandro Mendini and Atelier Mendini in Milan. Since 2005, her main office has been in Milan. She has fulfiled several interior design projects for well-known design companies, such as Alessi and Swatch, Art & Design Hotel Villa Amistà. As designer, she’s cooperating with famous enterprises like Venini, Fiorucci, Hermes, Swarovski, Fiat, Du Pont and Christian Dior. Dorota Koziara has exhibited her works of art in Poland, Milan, London, Paris, New Jork, Tokyo, Berlin. Her 12 Angels won the sculpture international contest “Third Millenium” of Fondazione Moretti.



The German artist Thorsten Schütt has already conquered the Art Park RespirArt in 2012, with his “Valanga di bolle di pensieri/Avalanche of Thoughts”, a cascade of spheres made of larch installed on the grass. The picture of this work of art of his has been broadcast all over the world and also reached photo and museum exhibitions. Near Rifugio Agnello, Schütt, from Friedeburg (Germany), this year has created the “Guerriero di Pace delle Dolomiti/Warrior of Peace of the Dolomites”, a guardian able to safeguard the beauty of the dolomitic landscape and the positive energies that are emanated here.

His passion for art in nature has pushed him to create huge stone sculptures in front of the sea or to carve sections of trees in the middle of nature. He has shown his wood, stone and iron pieces of art and he has taken part in sculpture symposia all over Europe, in New York, Canada, Ecuador and Africa.


Luca Prosser, from Volano (Tn), is a great emerging thanks to his excellent talent in the creation of works of art and design objects. His armchairs made with iron rebars and cement cushions are very famous. For the Art Park RespirArt he has created the monumental “Vedo non vedo/To see or not to see” which makes the visitor look at the dolomitic landscape from his inside.

Prosser is the founder of the project “Dolomia Art” – 15 artists have installed their masterpieces along the pathway from Rifugio Vajolet to Rifugio Principe. His exhibitions at Distilleria Marzadro are always very appreciated. His first works were made of iron, but he has always worked other materials such as wood, ceramic, weathering steel, copper and bronze.


Giampaolo Osele, from Lavarone (Tn), comes to RespirArt after having collaborated with Nagasawa in the 2013’s edition, when they created the “Guardiano di emozioni/Guardian of Emotions”. For the 2016’s edition, he has proposed his favourite topic: the sea. The mountain group of Latemar emerged from the sea 20-25 millions of years ago. His art installation “C’era una volta il mare/Once upon a time the sea” is an engraving on stone with a bolus, a kind of ground that the shepherds used to use for their writings.

Osele, famous architect and town planner from Trentino, created the park “Arte all’Aperto/Outdoor Art” in the woods of Lavarone, that inspired the art pathway “Il Respiro degli Alberi/The Breathing of the Trees”. His artistical career took off in 2011, when three of his works of art made with different materials were selected for the 54th Venice Biennale for the Pavilion Italy, in Sala Nervi of Turin. Then, he has exhibited hi masterpieces in prestigious locations in New York, Paris, London, Dubai, Barcelona and in other art cities in Europe.



At 2016 RespirArt there is also a close-knit group of disabled artists who, thanks to art in nature, is able to spread deep emotions. They are the guests of Nuova Casa Serena, in Cognola di Trento, from Anffas Trentino Onlus. Guided by their helpers Maria Rosa Eccel and Germana Cestele, they have created a totem by assembling roots of trees. Their installation is situated near Baita Ceserina, and its called “Intrecci/Weavings”. These twines give life to strange and surprising forms. An astonishing nature, because it’s never linear.


The Season of the Theater of Latemar

The heart of the art park is the Theater of Latemar, created by Marco Nones in front of Baita Caserina. Here, in the summertime, concerts and events such as RespirArt Day, which shows the new art installations of RespirArt Contemporary Art Event in Nature to the audience who sits on cubes made of larch in the middle of bushes of rhododendron and blueberry.


Thursday 14th July, at 14.30: Pietro Deiro Duo “Ciak, si gira”, special soundtracks

Thursday 21st July, at 14.30: Carlos Gardel Trio “Music and voice for Unesco’s World Heritage Site”

Saturday 30th July, at 9.30: RespirArt Day, party and inauguration of the 6 new art installations.

Thursday 11th August, at 14.30: Gianluca Campi “Il Campione sull’Alpe”, accordion concert

Thursday 25th August, at 14.30: The best of Georg Gershwin Eva Emingerova Quartet, jazz concert

Thursday 1st September, at 14.30: YouToo Brass Quintet “L’eco degli ottoni”, brass concert.


In case of bad weather, they will be performed later on the same day at 15.30 in the tavern of Sporthotel of Pampeago.


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