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RespirArt is one of the highest art parks in the world. It winds between altitudes of 2,000 and 2,200 metres in Pampeago di Tesero, Val di Fiemme. Born from a project by journalist and art curator Beatrice Calamari and artist Marco Nones (art prize Expo 2015 Triulza Foundation) in 2011, it accompanies the discovery of artistic installations which interact with the pastures and the Dolomite peaks of Latemar, a territory of incomparable beauty which has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the 3 km loop, between the Rifugio Monte Agnello and the Chalet Caserina, works of environmental art created by internationally renowned artists can be found, including that of esteemed Japanese artist, the late Hidetoshi Nagasawa.

The park is constantly evolving. Every year, new installations are added, while the older ones are shaped by atmospheric influences or overwhelmed by heavy snowfalls. Some installations are visible even in winter from the Latemar Ski Centre’s Agnello ski run.


Along the 3 km loop path, 2p art installations perfectly blend in with the Dolomites peaks of Latemar. The park, which can be reached with the Agnello chairlift, boasts artists from all over the world. Completing their art masterpieces are the sun, wind, rain and snow.

This year, the environmental art event RespirArt 2021 will host four international artists: Jano Sicura, Ryszard Litwiniuk, Elio Vanzo, Carlo Casillo and Mariano de Tassis. Their art installations will be inaugurated by the journalist and famous newscaster of Tg2 Maria Concetta Mattei on RespirArt Day, the travelling celebration taking place on Saturday, 31 July 2021.


In Pampeago, on Wednesdays from June 30 to September 8, travel above RespirArt, the highest art park of the world (2.200 m) on the one and only Agnello chairlift “seeds-way”.

The meeting point is at 9.30 am at the Agnello chairlift “seeds-way” departure, where the art guide will give you some hay cuttings, which contain important seeds of different species. Once on the chairlift, you will drop them, sowing from above: they will then generate flowers and consequently feed the earth, bees, goats and cows.

Then, along the 3 km loop path, walk with the guide to learn about the artists’ inspirations that created these amazing art pieces located in front of the Latemar massif.


At the highest art park of the world, seed flowers and acts of eco-friendly art. In Pampeago, the creative art and environmental workshop of RespirArt, for kids and adults, is organized every Friday from July 2 to September 10.

The meeting point is at 9.30 am in Pampeago at the Agnello chairlift “seeds-way” departure, where the art guide will give you some seeds. Once on the chairlift, you will drop them, sowing the RespirArt park from above: they will then generate flowers and consequently feed the earth, bees, goats and cows. Later, take part in the art and environmental workshop. You will pick up some natural raw materials to create land art pieces along the 3 km loop path.

The art park RespirArt, curated by Marco Nones and Beatrice Calamari, is visited by artists from all over the world.
The park is situated between 2.000 and 2.200 meters. It can be reached with a 30 minute walk, following the path that starts from the parking of the chairlift Tresca in Pampeago (Val di Fiemme – Trentino) or, more easily, just taking the chairlift Agnello. Along the round route of 3 km, enjoy these masterpieces, relax, breathe and walk slowly. In the park there are also two mountain huts: Chalet Caserina at 2.000 m (recently renovated with even a Jacuzzi on its terrace) and Rifugio Monte Agnello at 2.200 m with an amazing view on the Dolomites.

respirart pampeago fiemme 30.7.2016 by predazzoblog-008


Children can play with wooden toys inspired by the art installations, such as the wireless telephone, the maze, the musical rope and the coloured windows on the Latemar. The meteorological laboratory along the Meteo.Lab path – which starts from the Agnello Refuge – also awaits them on Wednesday mornings. In the RespirArt park, concerts, shows and theatrical excursions come to life, such as the spectacular story called “Don’t call me … Krampus”, staged every Tuesday morning, or “The Wildman’s Cubs grow at the Refuge from the winds”, every Friday morning.

Pampeago opens up to a remarkable naturalistic area with thematic trails inspired by the Dolomites: the Latemarium (accessible by the Latemar chairlift). RespirArt is located in the Latemar.Art area. It can be reached quickest from Pampeago, with the Agnello chairlift, but also from Predazzo and Obereggen.



The creative idea of “surrendering” works of art to nature invites us to trust changes and therefore life itself, which is continuously transforming. The outside atmospheric influences do not ruin the works but on the contrary they complete them, shaping them and changing the colours. RespirArt invites you to RELAX IN THE CONTINUOUS TRANSFORMATION OF NATURE. Its masterpieces allow us to rediscover the sense of wonder, capturing the “new” as an ever-changing opportunity.

respirart 2017 predazzoblog-084

HOW TO REACH RESPIRART: From the Brennero A22 motorway, exit at “Egna-Ora” and head in the direction of Val di Fiemme. Once in Tesero, turn left for Pampeago. From the car park in Pampeago, the Agnello chairlift (open every day from 29 June to 8 September 2019) leads into the Parco d’Arte, times: 8.30-13.00 – 14.15-17.30). The chairlift is free for FiemmE-motion card holders.
To reach RespirArt on foot, park in front of the Tresca di Pampeago chairlift station and take path 514 towards Chalet Caserina.

In the Park there are two chalets where you can try typical local products: the Rifugio Monte Agnello (tel. 0462 815030) and the Chalet Caserina (mob. 342 342 9098). Those arriving by chairlift will come across the Agnello Refuge first. Those arriving on foot will come across the Chalet Caserina first.

Il Giardino di Danae di Nagasawa foto di Graziano Bosin

Simulacro di Federico Seppi Foto Eugenio Del Pero RespirArt 2017

respirart pampeago fiemme 30.7.2016 by predazzoblog-076

Hannah Streefkerk Respirart 2019 t


Da sx Marco Nones Beatrice Calamari Martina Pomari e Maria Concetta Mattei RESPIRART 2017 predazzoblog-050

Tesi Martina Pomari foto Nicole Delugan

SPETTACOLO TEATRALE punta emma Respirart

respirart pampeago fiemme 30.7.2016 by predazzoblog-026

Concerto RespirArt 2017


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