7th Contemporary Art Event in Nature by RespirArt, with the the artists Ms. Olga Ziemska and Mr. Aldo Pallaro and the environmental curator Ms. Sue Spaid

Maria Concetta Mattei presents

the 7th Contemporary Art Event

in Nature by RespirArt

with the environmental curator Ms. Sue Spaid and the artists Ms. Olga Ziemska and Mr. Aldo Pallaro

From 6th to 25th July the 2015 Respirart Contemporary Art Event in Nature, curated by Beatrice Calamari and Marco Nones, welcomes the Italian Rai Tg2 anchor-woman Ms. Maria Concetta Mattei, two internationally famous artists, Ms. Olga Ziemska and Mr. Aldo Pallaro, and one of the most known American critics and curator, Ms. Sue Spaid.

OLGA ZIEMSKA, Stillness in motion, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, Poland, 2003
OLGA ZIEMSKA, Stillness in motion: Matka 2, Daejeon Museum of Art, South Korea, 2012
OLGA ZIEMSKA to RespirArt Art Park Dolomiti
Olga Ziemska, artist

Olga Ziemska, known in every corner of the world for her organic sculptures. Polish origins, she lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She uses natural materials such as willow branches, birch trunks and clay to create marvellous installations telling about the interaction of the mankind with the natural world. Her series of works of art called Matka – in Polish it means “mother” – is very famous: female bodies realized with the branches of local trees in order to create a shape that is different in any part of the world. For RespirArt, the artist from Cleveland will mould a new work of art using the branches picked up on Latemar. It will be named “Mind Eye”. Aldo Pallaro lives in Piombino Dese (Padova). His installations in nature are a strong contact with the primordial elements of life, in particular air, light and earth which is deeply connected with water. His trees open towards the sky are extraordinary – they reveal an emotional past lived underneath their bark. Pallaro dilates them up to the extreme limit of physical forces, with tiny incisions made with engineering perfection. In the Art Park RespirArt, the artist will create “Ouverture” with a trunk of larch. ???????????????????????????????????? Aldo Pallaro From 6th to 24th July 2015 hikers can admire these two artists working in Pampeago. On Saturday 25th July everyone can take part in the RespirArt Day to celebrate these two new installations that will be the most recent companions of the other ten situated in the park. Among them, the famous rock installation by the master Hidetoshi Nagasawa. Maria Concetta MatteiDuring the RespirArt Day, the Rai Tg2 anchor-woman Ms. Maria Concetta Mattei will present a meeting in the outdoor Theatre of Latemar, dedicated to the art in nature and to the environmental aesthetic. With Sue Spaid, Olga Ziemska and Aldo Pallaro. Sue Spaid, a chemical engineer, philosopher and lecturer, is one of the most known American critics and curators. In her career, she has been the director of the Contemporary Art Museum of Baltimora and curator of the Contemporary Art Museum of Cincinnati, besides being curator of a hundred exhibitions for museums, sculpture parks and university galleries. She writes for American art magazines (H Art, ArtUS) and for the Dutch magazine on Aesthetic Surveys. She’s a specialized philosopher of urban farming and biodiversity to favour the beauty commitment, she’s author of about thirty essays like “Green Acres: artists farming fields, greenhouses and abandoned lots” (2012), “A Field Guide to Patricia Johanson” (2012), “Guglielmo Achille Cavellini” (2008) and “Ecovention: Current art to transform ecologies” (2002). Born in Pennsylvania, she has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, New York, Spain, but based in Belgium. RESPIRART SEASON – OUTDOOR THEATRE OF LATEMAR RespirArt Day with Maria Concetta Mattei, Olga Ziemska, Aldo Pallaro and Sue Spaid Il Giardino di Danae di Hidetoshi Nasasawa RESPIRART PAMPEAGO 2013  foto E. Del Pero IMG_0228 In the heart of the Art Park RespirArt lies the outdoor Theatre, created by the artist Marco Nones, in front of Baita Caserina. His inspiration came staring at the peaks of Latemar. The Theatre of Latemar proposes concerts and cultural meetings in nature. The stalls area is series of cubical seats made of larch situated in blueberry plants and rhododendrons. Thursday 16th July at 14.30 “Pablo Neruda meets Carlos Gardel”, concert by Carlos Gardel Trio. In case of bad weather the concert will be postponed to 15.30 at the Bar Sport Hotel Pampeago.  Saturday 25th July at 9.00 RespirArt Day”, open to everyone, inauguration day of the latest installations in the Art Park RespirArt. On that day, the chairlift Agnello will be open from 9.00 to 9.30. The meeting point is at 9.30 in front of Rifugio Agnello. A guided walk will help you discover the new works of art created by the American artist Olga Ziemska and the Italian artist Aldo Pallaro. At 11.00, on the stage of the outdoor Theatre of Latemar (in front of Baita Caserina), the Rai Tg2 anchor-woman Maria Concetta Mattei will interview the two artists and Sue Spaid, one of the most known critics and curators in the U.S.A. Afterwards, refreshment for all participants and wine tasting by Eugenio Rosi. Wayback by foot. The walk is free and free of charge, but we kindly ask you to book – write to respirartgallery@gmail.com or call +39 335 1001938. Thursday 30th July at 14.30 ”The world accordion on the Alp”, concert by Gianluca Campi, the accordion “Paganini”, who has already won the Alcobaca World Trophy. In case of bad weather, the concert will be postponed to 15.30, at the Bar Sport Hotel Pampeago. Thursday 13th August at 14.30 ”From Klezmer to the Argentinian Pampa”, concert by Carlos Gardel Trio. In case of bad weather, the concert will be postponed to 15.30, at the Bar Sport Hotel Pampeago. Thursday 27th August at 14.30 “Music of the Alps”, concert by Yoo too Brass Quintet. In case of bad weather, the concert will be postponed to 15.30, at the Bar Sport Hotel Pampeago. IMG Torsten WALKS IN THE ART PARK From 2015’s summer, in the Art Park RespirArt there are five brand-new interactive play-stations to let children approach art. Furthermore, from 24th June to 17th September you can reach the Park by the chairlift Agnello, open on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On the other days, you can walk up there for about half an hour starting from the bottom chairlift station Tresca. On Wednesdays, from 9.30 to 12.00, the association Sentieri in Compagnia organize the guided walk “Breathe art step by step” in the Art Park RespirArt Pampeago to admire the masterpieces peacefully – deep breaths and slow steps. All participants are pleased to leave a slight art sign in the Park by using the materials of the wood. Reservations: Sentieri in Compagnia, mob. +39 331 9241567. Sandro Scalet TOTEM foto Eugenio del Pero RespirArt 9671 RespirArt Eugenio Del Pero 0591L'artista indiano del Canada Gordon Dick a RESPIRART foto Eugenio Del PeroGORDON DICK e MARCO NONES a RESPIRART parco d'arte FOTO Eugenio Del Pero p Giampaolo Osele IL GUARDIANO DI EMOZIONI RespirArt foto E. Del PeroRespirArt L'arte è un misterero con le ali di farfalla  opera di Marco Nonesla sfera di cristallo del Totem di Sandro Scalet a RESPIRART foto di  Eugenio Del Pero

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